Full Name: Benjamin Joseph Jancewicz
Nickname: Young Savage
Instrument: 2 Yamaha Keyboards, a Fender Rhodes Amp, and a Microphone
Hair Colour: Dark brown in winter, blond streaked in summer (naturally).
Eye Colour: Deep blue to light blue.
Height: 190 cm
Blood Type: O-
Birthday: May 8th, 1983 (Mothers Day)
Brothers/Sisters: Little sister; Beth & little brother; Nick.
Favorite Colour: Deep blue, like the sky in between stars.
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Cartoon: Road Runner & Marvin the Martian
Favorite Pagoda Song: Of Things To Come. I love the piano part.
Least Favorite Pagoda Song: I am of Age. Just a tad to angry for me.
Where you grew up: Schefferville; Northern Quebec, Canada.
Coffee or Tea: Tea.
5 Favorite Bands: 
1. Mos Def & Talib Kweli
2. Superchic[k]
3. Jurassic 5
4. Gil Scott-Heron
5. India.Arie
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Raccooney.
Roller Coasters; scary or exciting: Exciting.
Chocolate or Vanilla: A mix of both.
Favorite Food: Pasta. Either Italian or Chinese.
Favorite Movie: Hidalgo.
Your first Car: 1972 Elan Skidoo.
Favorite Poet or Artist: Robert Frost & M.C. Escher
Pet Peeve: Elitism.
Favorite anything: Love.
Have you ever been in love? Painfully.
Half Full or Half Empty? Half full, and even more so if you share.
Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous: Ambidextrous for most things.
Date you joined Pagoda: Spring of 2003. Told them they could use my basement if they let me play.
Musical History: I began playing piano at age 6, teaching myself completely by ear. My parents helped me purchase a keyboard, with which I practiced playing every song that came on the radio. I had always wanted to be in a band, but never had the opportunity.
Anything else you’d like to say: The greatest gift, yet the greatest curse. The greatest joy, and the deepest pain. The strongest feeling, yet the most unfelt. This is love, and a man without it is nothing.