Full Name: Timothy Stoker Laux
Nickname: Fauxy my Lauxy
Instrument: Fender Standard Stratocaster
Hair Colour: I think somewhere between blond and brown
Eye Colour: Blue, like horseshoe crab blood
Height: well under 2 meters, thus ruining my NBA chances
Blood Type: the selfish one, i can get from everyone but give to only my own kind … a true American
Birthday: July 25, 1981
Brothers/Sisters: Kathleen, 19
Favorite Colour: A darker green
Favorite Number: I’ll say four, but this questions seems a bit inane.
Favorite Cartoon: Tasmanian Devil
Favorite Pagoda Song: As of yet unwritten
Least Favorite Pagoda Song: I hate them all on any given day
Where you grew up: Yorktown Heights, NY
Coffee or Tea: Tea, of course
5 Favorite Bands: There are a lot of good bands out there. I have to give props toFranz Schubert,(webmaster’s note: Lox looks like Schubert) and Kurt Cobain.
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Spam Jones
Roller Coasters; scary or exciting: mostly scary
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla, of course
Favorite Food: It really depends on the situation.
Favorite Movie: Gandhi, I guess
Your first Car: 83 Blue Dodge Minivan, the last place I drove it was the junkyard as the transmission died. He/She was worth $20.
Favorite Poet or Artist: God
Pet Peeve: Surveys, wasting food, fiction, having trouble finding the melodies in my head on my fretboard
Favorite anything: Family
Have you ever been in love? God is love, and God exists, so this one is really easy. But I think this means romantically, so … I thought I was, but I think romantic love needs to be mutual before it leaves the “lust” phase, and even though I thought I loved her, she never loved me back.
Half Full or Half Empty? The glass is twice as big as it needs to be. Or maybe add ice.
Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous: Mostly rightly.
Date you joined Pagoda: July 25, 1981
Musical History: I have loved music from my earliest days, from Church choirs to Dad’s records. I know way too much ELP, for instance. I played viola and clarinet for years, but somehow the classic training did not instill the love of the instrument. I am self taught at guitar and piano, and those are the only instruments I still seriously play (and not surprisingly, love). My first band was my senior year of high school, the Integrals, played drums and then guitar. I have played guitar since, and probably within the year will start to call myself a guitarist and not just a guitar player (that’s an important distinction).
Anything else you’d like to say: Yes, there is moreDear Anybody who Reads This Letter,

You have found your way here probably because you are either a fan or friend of the band. One of the saddest things about even a modicum of success musically is that one quickly loses the ability to thank everyone in the audience who comes to your shows (more than the superficial, “Thank you, we love you Austin!” at your show in El Paso). Consider this a belated thank you for all your support. I hope I can continue to write music until I die, and be fearlessenough to share it with the likes of you.

Timothy S. Laux, 🙂