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Ashes to ashes, the cinders to tray
Don’t know the rules but they all want to play
The red room may hold all the sound
It was hidden so as not to be found
Can’t find the reason you came
And these people, they all look the same
There’s no need to panic yet
Unless you can’t shake this pain

You fell through the door
And you’re so insecure
And you can’t seem to get this right

The problem has come up again
You don’t even have to pretend
I hope you’re not scared of the dark
You’ve scared away your only friend

You came back for more
Yeah, you thought you were sure
And you never will get this right

You fell through the door
You’re so insecure
And you never will get this right

Oh no…
Saxton: Lead Vocals

Lox: Guitar

Young Savage: Keyboards & Backup Vocals

Bondorew: Rhythm Guitar

Franchina: Bass & Backup Vocals

Spam: Drums & Backup Vocals